Hello World!

Hello world! Welcome to my little internet home. To be honest, I’m never sure how to start a brand new blog. What do I say? I don’t know why it is the hardest thing for me! But I struggle with it every time. But I’ll never be able to make a second post if I can’t get the first post up.

I’ve always been someone who writes. It honestly started many years ago when I was learning how to deal with my anxiety. It was a form of “free” therapy. Of course, back then there wasn’t a blogging world. The blogging world really came about when my youngest child was an infant. I found blogging through message boards (but they aren’t the same kind of message boards we have now). I found a community of people back then. But since them… blogging has become more business like and less personal. This aspect makes me sad… but it is what it is. This is going to be a mostly personal blog, so if you’re not into that– I’m sorry. But at least I’m being upfront about it. 🙂

You’re going to find some writing here– and some videos. I’ve been doing a lot more videos these days. You won’t really find a lot of them still up but I did start recording more this last week. I’m not sure if I want to do them as a dual post (where I post the video plus a written post) or if I’ll make one post during the week where I share each of my videos. What do you think? Which would you prefer?

If you’ve managed to stumble onto my little internet home– please feel free to leave a comment to introduce yourself. Also feel free to ask any questions. I’m kind of an open book for the most part.